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It’s About Family. For three generations, the Skauruds have worked the land with a passion that stems from their respect for the land, quality workmanship and the communities where they live.

With roots in Norman County, Minnesota, the existing family farm Skaurud Grain Farms business began with the land purchase in Waukon township of Clayton and Phyllis Skaurud in 1962. Eventually their sons, Kelly and Perry became involved.
Clayton, Kelly and Perry formed the Skaurud Grain Farms partnership in 1977.  In 1983, Clayton and Phyllis retired and Kelly’s wife Vicki and Perry’s wife Kathleen became partners in 1992. Within the past decade, Skaurud Grain Farms has expanded as Kelly & Vicki’s son, Evan and Matt Miller joined the partnership in 2012 and Perry & Kathleen’s son, Cory, became a partner in 2018.

Our Mission

To enhance success and profitability through hard work, integrity and shared values.
"SGF are good stewards of the land and take great pride in their farming along with their employees. They are good neighbors who take good care of the land."
- David P.
"Communications between us as landowner and farmer are very good. I have always been treated fairly,"
- John L
"Skauruds have rented my land for many years and they have taken excellent care of it. The rent payments are always right on time and we have always had a very good working relationship."
- Connie B.
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Cover Crop
Erosion Control
Buffer / Pollination Strip


Skaurud Grain Farms takes pride in growing pure, quality crops. At the same time, we strongly believe in being intentional about preserving our environment and protecting precious land and surrounding environment and habitats.

Conservation practices are critical to our protection efforts. We use cover crop on sugar beets to protect from wind erosion. We also use control dikes to hold back water and release it slowly, preventing water erosion of the soil.

Pollinators are planted for wildlife and natural habitat. We have recently been accepted and are implementing conservation practices from Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP).

With a keen awareness of our practices, we believe we can continue to make Norman County one of Minnesota’s most beautiful canvasses for wildlife, nature, and beyond.

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